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Restake with Bedrock

Designed to natively restake and harness additional EigenLayer rewards, Bedrock brings together institutional-grade security and additional yield to liquid staking.

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Bedrock Diamonds
up to 3x boost

What is Bedrock?

Bedrock utilizes its universal (uni) standard to unlock liquidity and maximum value in PoS tokens. uniETH & uniIOTX are just the very beginning

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What is uniETH


Bedrock is a secure Liquid Restaking Protocol (LRT) protocol, that facilitates native restaking with ETH managed through Eigenpod. This future-proof design allows for contract upgrades to accommodate future restaking delegation, providing flexibility for implementing optimal strategies for operator delegation and AVS selection.

Bedrock makes it easy for users to earn native ETH staking yield, EigenLayer rewards, and Bedrock Diamonds (including upcoming airdrops).

What is EigenLayer


EigenLayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that introduces the concept of restaking, a new cryptoeconomic primitive. This allows users who stake ETH or a liquid staking token (LST) to opt-in to EigenLayer smart contracts. By doing so, they can restake their ETH or LST, extending cryptoeconomic security to additional applications on the network and earning extra rewards.

Bedrock unlocks Ethereum Restaking opportunities!


Bedrock protocol is an one-stop solution for ETH holders to generate long-term yield


Accept ETH deployed through EigenLayer with a restaking delegation module for additional yield


Enhanced risk management and best security standards with The EigenPod Manager


Uncapped participation and rewards through native restaking


Upgradability to be compatible with Eigenlayer for restaking strategies optimization


Attractive restaking rewards comprising staking rewards, EigenLayer points, and Bedrock Diamonds.


Restaking Anti-Slashing-Proactive measures to reduce the risks of fund loss or slashing

Bedrock Diamonds

We reward loyal users actively contributing to our protocol's journey with Diamonds!

Up to 3X boost for early adopters

Up to 3X boost for early adopters

Mint and hold uniETH in your wallet to receive at least 1 Bedrock Diamond per hour for each uniETH held.

Be rewarded with a 2x booster

Be rewarded with a 2x booster

Provide liquidity on Curve LP and be rewarded with a 2x booster.

Diamond Referral Program

Diamond Referral Program

Launching soon

Embark on your restaking journey with Bedrock today!

What our
partners say


“Bedrock’s implementation is completely independent of oracles, which ensures a higher level of security. uniETH significantly reduces the activation time for staking, allowing users to see their initial returns faster, enhancing the overall experience, and further decentralizing the liquid staking space in Ethereum.”

Amber Team

“We are thrilled to have Bedrock on board with us to offer the uniETH/ETH pool, opening up new opportunities for our users within the Ethereum ecosystem. We firmly believe in decentralization, and any initiative that advances decentralization on Ethereum aligns with our core values and is something we wholeheartedly support”

Jared GreyHead Chef of Sushi

“Introducing the first liquid staking protocol on the IoTeX blockchain, we aspire to advance decentralization and make staking more accessible for our users. Leveraging Bedrock’s track record with its fast-growing ETH staking dApp, which has secured the top spot for 7-day and 30-day change on DeFi Llama, we believe that Bedrock will bring the launch of uniIOTX to new heights.”

Raullen ChaiCofounder of IoTeX